Monday, July 20, 2015

Inside The Manipulative World Of Film Color Correction

Co.Design goes Inside The Manipulative World Of Film Color Correction "Colorists' main job is to make film footage fit with what we’d expect to see in the real world. If they’re editing a scene of a woman walking down a street in daylight, the brightness and hues need to be consistent in each shot because that’s what our brains anticipate. But beyond those standard fixes, colorists have a sort of 'rulebook of emotions' they use to convey feelings in a scene"

  • warmer colors like yellow are inviting and friendly
  • blues are considered more negative and distant.
  • colorists add red to suggest strong emotions, like anger or passion or love
  • magenta and purple, are the unicorns of film. They tend to be applied to something unusual
  • And when a colorist wants to express creepiness or disgust, he'll pick fluorescent green
  • If you need to make something look like a new world, you make the blacks un-black and the whites un-white

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