Friday, July 24, 2015

The Verge's Web Sucks

There's been a bunch of posts recently about the mobile web experience. The Verge generously commented with their perspective and it's legit, advertising is their best revenue source now and advertising on the web means giving up control to lots of third parties.

lmorchard weighs in with some data, The Verge's web sucks "TL;DR: Did you know that The Verge delivers you to around 20 companies for advertising & tracking purposes? I didn't. That might foul up your mobile web experience a little bit. Maybe we should try something different."

"Holy crap. It took over 30 seconds. In the end, it fetched over 9.5MB across 263 HTTP requests. That's almost an order of magnitude more data & time than needed for the article itself. Wow. Devtools performed a second reload of the page to get an overall performance analysis. This time it downloaded 12MB - a little over 7MB in that is JavaScript!"

Today I installed Ghostery. There's some debate about how ethical they are, A Popular Ad Blocker Also Helps the Ad Industry but they seem to be upfront about it and there's an option to enable their collection and it's appropriately turned off by default so I can't fault them for that. There's also Disconnect which I had installed but disabled. I probably tried it and ran into some issues which I've now forgotten. If get bothered by Ghostery I'll give it another try.

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