Friday, July 31, 2015

Impossible Mission Force

I really enjoyed this video essay on the Mission Impossible franchise.

IMPOSSIBLE MISSION FORCE from Sean Witzke on Vimeo.

Video essay on the Mission Impossible franchise for Grantland:

Mission Impossible (1996), dir. Brian De Palma
Mission Impossible 2 (2000), dir. John Woo
Mission Impossible 3 (2006), dir. JJ Abrams
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011), dir. Brad Bird
- - -
From Russia With Love (1963), dir. Terence Young
Notorious (1946), dir. Alfred Hitchcock
North By Northwest (1959), dir. Alfred Hitchcock
To Catch A Thief (1955), dir. Alfred Hitchcock
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), dir. Peter R. Hunt
Licence To Kill (1989), dir. John Glen
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation stunt featurette
Alien (1979), dir. Ridley Scott
Aliens (1986), dir. James Cameron
Alien3 (1992), dir. David Fincher
Mission Impossible tv series opening credits
Carrie (1976), dir. Brian De Palma
Obsession (1976), dir. Brian De Palma
Blow Out (1981), dir. Brian De Palma
The Fury (1978), dir. Brian De Palma
Greetings (1968), dir. Brian De Palma
Topkapi (1964), dir. Jules Dassin
Gambit (1966), dir. Ronald Neame
Le Femme Nikita (1990), dir. Luc Besson
L’enfer (1994), dir. Claude Chabrol
Pulp Fiction (1994), dir. Quentin Tarantino
Macbeth (1971), dir. Roman Polanski
Chinatown (1974), dir. Roman Polanski
Tomb of Ligeia (1964), dir. Roger Corman
Face/Off (1997), dir. John Woo
Paycheck (2003), dir. John Woo
Hard Boiled (1992), dir. John Woo
The Whip and the Body (1963), dir. Mario Bava
Magnolia (1999), dir. Paul Thomas Anderson
Eyes Wide Shut (1999), dir. Stanley Kubrick
Jerry Maguire (1996), dir. Cameron Crowe
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), dir. Steven Spielberg
True Lies (1994), dir. James Cameron
Thief (1981), dir. Michael Mann
The Third Man (1949), dir. Carol Reed
24 tv series
Castle of Cagliostro (1979), dir. Hayao Miyazaki
Cruise from the making of featurette from the 3rd film's dvd - Audio only.

David Axelrod - “Reverie” / Lalo Schifrin - “Secret Code” from Mission Impossible / Michael Giacchino - “IMF Escape” from M:i:3 / James Newton Howard - “Edit on the Hood” from Nightcrawler / Hans Zimmer - “Chimera” from M:i:2 / Lalo Schifrin - Torture Sequence” from THX-1138 / Bernard Hermann - “Apartment House, The Windows” from Sisters / Brian Eno - “Sparrowfall 1” from A Better Tomorrow / John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - “Robots at the Factory” from Halloween 3 / Jack Nitzsche - “Roadblock” from Starman, later used in A Better Tomorrow 2 / Michael Vickers - “Dracula AD 1972 theme” / Lalo Schifrin - “Scorpio” from Dirty Harry / Brian Eno - “From the Beginning” from Opera / Brian Eno - “Another Green World”

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