Thursday, March 20, 2014

What It Takes To Be An Effective Senator

Last November, after the umpteenth email from Elizabeth Warren about how she promised to fight for me and is doing so I sent her this email:

I understand how nothing is getting through both houses but these emails aren't encouraging to me. I've been a supporter of yours since before you started to run. I know you often use the "I'm ready to fight for you" line but honestly it's not what I want. First I'm not sure what it means, certainly not a boxing ring kind of fight. With the gridlock and polarization, I think giving partisan speeches on the floor is a useless act.

Honestly, I voted for you because you're smart and motivated and I agree with your positions. I'd much rather hear how you met with a Republican Senator one-on-one and had a conversation that maybe changed their mind a little a bit. Or convinced a Republican to co-sponsor a bill.

I was really happy to read this from Martin Longman, What It Takes To Be An Effective Senator "To be an effective senator, you have to build relationships with the other side and work constructively with legislators who you may be denouncing in public. Maybe you disagree about the proper size of government but you both have parents with Alzheimer’s disease. You can agree to set aside more money for the NIH to do research on prevention and treatment. This is why I find it encouraging that Cory Booker had a three-hour lunch with Ted Cruz last week."

Actually it was dinner, here's the original report Cory Booker: My dinner with Ted Cruz.


Richard said...

Good e-mail. I send them to my legislators and only get canned replies. Maybe yours will cause an action.

Howard said...

Well I sent it in November and never heard back, not that I expected to. Since then of the email I've gotten from her 17 messages include the word "fight" and 7 don't.