Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The Daily Show on Food Stamps, Racism and Jim DeMint

Last night's Daily Show was hilarious.

The opening bit was about the right's fight against food stamps (and about how wrong it is). It's in two parts, What Not To Buy and What Would Jesus Soil.

Then Jessica Williams did a great bit on Racism Doggy Style.

The guest was Jim DeMint and as is often the case, what was aired was heavily cut, but the full interview is online in three parts: one, two, three. To me, it seemed like DeMint hadn't ever heard the arguments that Stewart made. That seems unbelievable but it fits so well into the bubble narrative.


Kim said...

DeMint came across better than I expected and with a sense of humor. Best line by him around minute 10 part3: "I'll go out and have some seafood." He apparently listened to the show before the interview.

Howard said...

Agreed. That line made it into the on-air version :)