Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Daily Show Shows the Utility of Experts

The Daily Show last night was good but frustrating. A few days ago they made fun of Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano for some things he said about Lincoln and the Civil War. Last night they had him on to talk about it. That's good. It was in the B segment instead of the usual C segment which seemed odd until we got to the C segment which was a game show format with Napolitano vs Jessica White dressed as Lincoln on Civil War info (trivia isn't quite right). The nice thing was he had a panel of three expert professors judging their answers.

The bad thing was that both the B and C segments ran long and were edited. It's just not worth watching the show at night to have to watch it again the next day. But if you do, it was good. It was particularly gratifying in the last segment when Napolitano would make some claim (say about tariff rates) and the professors would say "That's not true". Stewart as game show host would laugh and then joke about what they meant was "Good try". It made me wish that all interviews would have a panel of experts correcting people when they say incorrect things. You know, like fact checkers. Wouldn't that be helpful to journalists?

Here's the first extended segment and at least when I played it, it seamlessly moved to the next part all the way through the game show. Andrew Napolitano Extended Interview Pt. 1

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