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Movies Seen in 2013

In 2013 I saw 202 feature length movies and 56 short films (those under 40 mins). That's a little more than last year's numbers of 197 and 44.

Pie Chart of 78% features and 22% shorts

Usually I'm about 80-20 first time vs repeats, this year a few less repeats.

Bar chart showing features were 85% first run and shorts were 93% first run

I rate on the Netflix 5 point scale where 1 is hated, 2 is didn't like, 3 is I liked it, 4 is really liked and 5 is loved. I had a pretty average curve for me though I gave out 22 5's, the most ever.

Bar chart of ratings of features and shorts

I saw 67 features in the theater and most of the rest on cable. This year I didn't watch any of my DVDs though I did do three DVDs from Netflix and streamed eight. I also saw a lot of the shorts online, 25 of them on YouTube and 9 on Vimeo. The Sundance festival released some shorts online this year and I found some old Oscar winners online too.

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 11 57 40 AM

I've got a few theaters I go to regularly, though the Somerville gets so much because of IFFBoston. The shorts I see in the theater are the Oscar nominees when they show them at the Coolidge. I wish more films showed shorts before the features instead of endless previews that give away too much. My rule now is if there are more than 20 minutes of trailers I complain to the manager. I know at a chain it's not their fault, but they're who I can complain to.

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 12 29 06 PM

April and December are my big movie months and I see less in the summer. April is IFFBoston, and December is I guess holidays (and trying to reach a goal number of movies). Almost all my shorts viewing is Oscar related.

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 12 35 57 PM

My viewing was really skewed towards recent films this year.

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 12 39 35 PM

And I saw very few foreign films this year.

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 12 46 35 PM

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 12 45 39 PM

I break down films into five genres that I'm pretty happy with. I then use some sub-genres and I still have a hard time putting every film in one. There are lots of Dramas and Comedies that have no sub-genre. But here's how it looks for this year:

Screen Shot 2014 01 01 at 5 57 26 PM

Here are all the films:

Jan 1Safe House2012US2
Jan 1Wanderlust2012US2
Jan 1A Lonely Place to Die2011Britain3
Jan 2Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides2011US3
Jan 5Like Crazy2011US3
Jan 5The Vow2012US2
Jan 6Zero Dark Thirty2012US4
Jan 7Les Miserables2012US3
Jan 8Django Unchained2012US5
Jan 10The Longest Daycare2012US4
Jan 10Anna Karenina2012Britain3
Jan 12Hysteria2012Britain3
Jan 13The Impossible2012Spain4
Jan 15Noon2013US3
Jan 18The Pirates! Band of Misfits2012Britain3
Jan 20Amour2012Austria2
Jan 21The Critic1963US3
Jan 22The Apocalypse2013US3
Jan 22Catnip: Egress to Oblivion2012US1
Jan 22When The Zombies Come2013US1
Jan 22The Event2012US2
Jan 22Black Metal2013US1
Jan 22Seraph2012US1
Jan 22Movies Made From Home #62013US2
Jan 22What do we Have in Our Pockets2013US3
Jan 24Irish Folk Furniture2013US3
Jan 25Malaria2013Brazil4
Jan 25The Writer2012Brazil2
Jan 27The Reward2013Denmark4
Jan 27A Liar's Autobiography2012Britain2
Jan 29Kill Bill Vol. 12003US4
Jan 29The Revisionaries2012US3
Jan 30Paperman2012US5
Jan 31Fresh Guacamole2012US3
Jan 31Western Spaghetti2008US3
Jan 31KaBoom!2004US3
Jan 31Fireworks2004US3
Jan 31Game Over2006US4
Jan 31Roof Sex2002US5
Feb 4The Three Stooges2012US3
Feb 5Sexy Baby2012US2
Feb 6Inocente2012US5
Feb 6Kings Point2012US3
Feb 6Mondays at Racine2012US5
Feb 6Open Heart2012US4
Feb 6Redemption2012US4
Feb 6The Eagleman Stag2011Britain3
Feb 9Hemingway & Gellhorn2012US3
Feb 10Battleship2012US2
Feb 11Mea Maxima Culpa2013US4
Feb 12Mirror Mirror2012US2
Feb 12Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry2012US4
Feb 165 Broken Cameras2012Palestine4
Feb 16How to Survive a Plague2012US5
Feb 16Flight2012US4
Feb 17The Invisible War2012US5
Feb 17Side Effects2013US3
Feb 19Abiogenesis2012New Zealand3
Feb 19The Longest Daycare2012US4
Feb 19Fresh Guacamole2012US4
Feb 19Head over Heels2012Britain4
Feb 19Paperman2012US5
Feb 19Asad2012South Africa4
Feb 19The Gruffalo’s Child2012Britain2
Feb 19Curfew2012US4
Feb 19Henry2012Canada2
Feb 19Death of a Shadow2012Belgium4
Feb 19Adam and Dog2012US4
Feb 19Buzkashi Boys2012Afghanistan3
Feb 19Dripped2012France4
Feb 22Snow White and the Huntsman2012US1
Feb 22Searching for Sugar Man2012US4
Mar 1The Cabin in the Woods2012US5
Mar 1The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo2011US4
Mar 3The Amazing Spider-Man2012US4
Mar 3A Woman Under the Influence1974US3
Mar 8Slap Shot1977US4
Mar 10Oz the Great and Powerful2013US2
Mar 10The Client1994US4
Mar 16Men in Black 32012US3
Mar 16The World According to Dick Cheney2013US3
Mar 17Roman Holiday1953US5
Mar 17Lore2013Germany1
Mar 17The Magic of Belle Isle2012US3
Mar 18This is Spinal Tap1984US4
Mar 19Compulsion1959US3
Mar 24Rock of Ages2012US2
Mar 29The Avengers2012US5
Mar 29State of Grace1990US4
Mar 29Perfect Sense2011Britain2
Mar 30The Shoemaker2013US3
Mar 30The Ice Harvest2005US4
Mar 31Spring Breakers2013US2
Mar 31The Notebook2004US4
Apr 1The Shipping News2001US3
Apr 2X-Men: First Class2011US4
Apr 2Phil Spector2013US3
Apr 7Blitz2011Britain2
Apr 7Evil Dead2013US2
Apr 9Total Recall2012US2
Apr 14Upstream Color2013US2
Apr 14A Simple Plan1998US4
Apr 21422013US3
Apr 24The Spectacular Now2013US4
Apr 25Before You Know It2013US3
Apr 25Houston2013US2
Apr 25Wasteland2013Britain4
Apr 26Sightseers2013Britain4
Apr 26Our Nixon2013US3
Apr 27Much Ado About Nothing2013US3
Apr 27Good Ol’ Freda2013Britain4
Apr 27Persistence of Vision2013Canada4
Apr 27Dirty Wars2013US5
Apr 27The Hunt2013Denmark4
Apr 28Remote Area Medical2013US3
Apr 28The Act of Killing2013Denmark5
Apr 28The Defector: Escape from North Korea2013Canada2
Apr 28The East2013US4
Apr 29Some Girl(s)2013US1
Apr 29Willow Creek2013US3
Apr 30In a World...2013US4
May 5Mud2013US4
May 7Interior Design2008Japan3
May 10Reach2009Australia3
May 11Iron Man 32013US2
May 12Psycho1960US5
May 14The Great Gatsby2013US3
May 17Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter2012US3
May 20The Iceman2013US3
May 21Brave2012US4
May 24Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan1982US5
May 24Star Trek Into Darkness2013US2
May 27Skyfall2012Britain4
May 28The Guilt Trip2012US2
Jun 2Deceptive Practice2013US3
Jun 6Manhunt2013US4
Jun 9The Dirty Dozen1967US4
Jun 13Premium Rush2012US4
Jun 13The Expendables 22012US3
Jun 16This is the End2013US3
Jun 17The Unknown Known: The Life and Times of Donald Rumsfeld2013US3
Jun 18Behind the Candelabra2013US4
Jun 19Richard Pryer: Omit the Logic2013US4
Jun 22Man of Steel2013US3
Jun 22To Rome With Love2012US3
Jun 23World War Z2013US1
Jun 29Gay Purr-ee1962US2
Jun 29Salmon Fishing in the Yemen2012Britain3
Jun 29The Sheik1921US2
Jun 29Arbitrage2012US4
Jun 29Savages2012US3
Jun 3020 Feet from Stardom2013US5
Jul 2Gideon’s Army2013US5
Jul 7Love, Marilyn2012US3
Jul 7The Bone Collector1999US3
Jul 9Gasland Part II2013US3
Jul 10House of Flying Daggers2004China4
Jul 11The Watch2012US1
Jul 14Pacific Rim2013US3
Jul 14Ted2012US3
Jul 17Tai Chi Zero2012China3
Jul 18Beware of Mr. Baker2012US5
Jul 20Superman1978US4
Jul 21Outsourced2006US4
Jul 30Higher Ground2011US3
Aug 3Ruby Sparks2012US4
Aug 4The Act of Killing2013US5
Aug 4Safe House1998US3
Aug 6Glas1958Netherlands4
Aug 7Casting By2013US4
Aug 9Owning Mahowny2003Canada3
Aug 10The Sweet Hereafter1997Canada3
Aug 11Elysium2013US3
Aug 17TiMER2009US3
Aug 17Robot & Frank2012US4
Aug 17The Parallax View1974US2
Aug 18Compliance2012US4
Aug 31French Connection II1975US2
Sep 1To Hell and Back1955US4
Sep 1Closed Circuit2013Britain3
Sep 7The Chronicles of Riddick2004US3
Sep 7Rust and Bone2012France2
Sep 7Un Conte2013France5
Sep 8Riddick2013US3
Sep 8The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie1972France3
Sep 10Floating in My Mind2013US4
Sep 12Tiny Furniture2011US2
Sep 14The Place Beyond the Pines2013US4
Sep 21LT: The Life & Times2013US4
Sep 21Un Chien Andalou1929France3
Sep 22Prisoners2013US3
Sep 29Richard Pryer: Omit the Logic2013US4
Oct 6Destination: Earth1956US3
Oct 6Jack Reacher2012US3
Oct 6Gravity2013US5
Oct 12The Last Stand2013US3
Oct 12This is 402012US3
Oct 13Don Jon2013US4
Oct 14Pitch Perfect2012US3
Oct 14Sexy Baby2012US2
Oct 15Warm Bodies2013US3
Oct 17The Man with the Iron Fists2012US2
Oct 18Rome, Open City1945Italy4
Oct 18Broken City2013US2
Oct 19Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight2013US4
Oct 19The Manxman1929Britain2
Oct 20The Trials of Muhammad Ali2013US3
Oct 2712 Years a Slave2013US5
Oct 30The Gatekeepers2012Israel5
Nov 2Payback1999US4
Nov 2The Farmer’s Wife1928Britain2
Nov 3All is Lost2013US3
Nov 7Inside Llewyn Davis2013US2
Nov 9I, Robot2004US3
Nov 10Dallas Buyers Club2013US4
Nov 11Hunger2008Britain3
Nov 12Thor: The Dark World2013US3
Nov 17Enough Said2013US4
Nov 20Aningaaq2013US3
Nov 24Catching Fire2013US3
Nov 27Hitchcock2013US3
Nov 27Rififi1955France4
Nov 28The Thin Blue Line1988US2
Nov 28Promised Land2012US3
Dec 1Wreck-It Ralph2012US4
Dec 6Stand Up Guys2013US2
Dec 6The Call2013US3
Dec 8Nebraska2013US3
Dec 9Rambo: First Strike Part II1985US4
Dec 12Captain Phillips2013US5
Dec 14Seeking a Friend for the End of the World2012US3
Dec 14Killing Them Softly2012US2
Dec 15Safe2012US3
Dec 15Philomena2013Britain4
Dec 18Adam’s Rib1949US5
Dec 18Funny Face1957US3
Dec 18The Hole1962US4
Dec 18The Lunch Date1989US4
Dec 18Cicero March1966US0
Dec 19The Wolf of Wall Street2013US5
Dec 19Every Child1979Canada3
Dec 19Special Delivery1978Canada3
Dec 19Crac1981Canada2
Dec 20It Might Get Loud2008US4
Dec 21Some Came Running1958US3
Dec 21The Company You Keep2013US4
Dec 22The Sound of Music1965US5
Dec 24The Family2013US2
Dec 25Monsters University2013US4
Dec 25The Heat2013US2
Dec 26Red 22013US4
Dec 26Saving Mr. Banks2013US5
Dec 28Zorba the Greek1964US3
Dec 28Tennessee Johnson1942US3
Dec 29The Secret Life of Walter Mitty1947US3
Dec 30Page One: The Inside the New York Times2011US3
Dec 30Francis Ha2013US2
Dec 31Dredd2012US3

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