Thursday, January 09, 2014

MA Medical Price Transparency Law Rolls Out

I hadn't heard anything about this. Medical Price Transparency Law Rolls Out: Physicians Must Help Patients Estimate Costs

"Massachusetts physicians and hospitals are now required by law to provide cost information for procedures and services to patients who request it."

"Additionally, the provider must give patients any information—such as CPT codes—that their insurer needs to calculate what their out-of-pocket costs will be."

Then again. "Partners In Internal Medicine’s George Abraham, M.D., worries that patients will get so frustrated by the multiple phone calls they’ll have to make to gather the various cost components that they’ll just give up. 'On paper it looks great. We’ve increased transparency, but in reality it’s mired in red tape,' said Dr. Abraham. 'It could take days for patients to get all the information they need. It’s not user-friendly.'"

Update: Related and not surprising, About 80 percent of hip doctors have no idea how much a hip replacement costs.

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