Friday, January 25, 2013

Room for Improvement

I had preordered several books from Amazon. Three were released this week and all arrived on Thursday. Each shipped separately and was delivered via a different carrier. Since I have Amazon Prime, I didn't really pay for this shipping. I think there's some room for Amazon to optimize its operations.


The Dad said...

I'd be curious to know mo about where the books were printed (a rhetorical question since I assume you don't know) my guess is that Amazon partnered with the publisher to have per-orders drop shipped direct from the printer, and thus three different sources. Printers typically have very favorable rates with USPS, so it likely already is pretty,optimal.

Richard said...

Optimize to do what? Charge the most shipping or have the lowest cost. You make a good point that they already got their money from you and so they should optimize to reduce shipping costs.

Howard said...

Maybe optimize should mean minimize CO released into atmosphere getting me my stuff.