Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Movies Seen in 2012

In 2011 I saw 366 feature length films. I didn't do that in 2012. I saw a respectable 197 features and 44 shorts. Of those 197 features, 4 were TV original movies.

I used the Academy's definition of short, that is under 40 minutes long. 46% I watched on cable, and 44% were in a theater (this is the first question people usually ask). The rest were online or via netflix or DVD. 11% I had seen before, the rest were first times. (This is the second question people ask and yes reruns count. Seeing Casablanca a second or third time is still seeing a movie).

Screen Shot 2013 01 08 at 2 15 12 PM

My year was definitely front loaded with lots of movies. That's mostly Oscar season and IFFBoston (which is awesome).

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The bulk of the films I saw were from 2011 and 2012. I rated all the films on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best. I use what's mostly a Netflix scale. 3 is ok, 4 I really liked and 5 is great. 2 I didn't like and 1 I hated. I didn't see many fives this year and I was pretty good about only seeing reruns that I liked. It's not quite a balanced bell curve of quality.

Screen Shot 2013 01 08 at 2 16 20 PMScreen Shot 2013 01 08 at 2 25 52 PM

These don't include shorts, I think I saw too few foreign films.

Screen Shot 2013 01 08 at 7 22 21 PM

I'm mostly happy with how I break down genres but it's still hard to get one and only one sub-genre for a film and I didn't always do that (particularly for dramas). These charts include shorts.

Screen Shot 2013 01 08 at 7 24 33 PM

I kept track of which theaters and TV channels I saw movies. These get a little rainbow in the long tail, but there are a few surprises. These don't include shorts (some of which I saw at IFF Boston) and still the Somerville Theatre was got 26% of all my theaters. I'm also surprised the Kendell got almost that much (no shorts there). I'm not surprised that TCM and HBO came in first in cable channels, but I'm a little surprised that EPIX came in third (I think I got that channel just a year or so ago).

Screen Shot 2013 01 08 at 7 22 04 PM

Here's the list of everything:

Jan 1FeatureRango2011US4
Jan 2FeatureSophie’s Choice1983US4
Jan 3FeatureAngels Crest2011US2
Jan 4FeatureThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo2011US4
Jan 5FeatureThe Adventures of Tintin2011US3
Jan 6FeatureMission Impossible: Ghost Protocol2011US4
Jan 7FeatureStardust Memories1980US2
Jan 8FeatureThe Gold Rush1925US4
Jan 8FeatureWages of Fear1953France5
Jan 9FeatureThe Kid1921US4
Jan 12FeatureInception2010US5
Jan 14FeatureAirplane1980US4
Jan 15FeatureMonty Python and the Holy Grail1974Britain5
Jan 24FeatureParadise Lost1996US4
Jan 24ShortSmall Fry2011US3
Jan 24FeatureThe Muppets2011US3
Jan 25FeatureParadise Lost 32011US4
Jan 25FeatureParadise Lost 22000US3
Jan 25FeaturePina2011Germany4
Jan 26FeatureCeleste and Jesse Forever2012US3
Jan 27FeatureThe Grand Illusion1937France4
Jan 28FeatureHell and Back Again2011US4
Jan 29FeatureThe Train1964US5
Jan 29FeatureHaywire2012US4
Jan 31FeatureArthur2011US2
Feb 1FeatureAlbert Nobbs2011US3
Feb 1FeatureThe Iron Lady2011US1
Feb 2FeatureA Better Life2011US4
Feb 3FeatureJane Eyre2011Britain4
Feb 4FeatureCarnage2011France3
Feb 7FeatureBridesmaids2011US2
Feb 9FeatureWar Horse2011US2
Feb 11FeatureBrigadoon1954US4
Feb 11FeatureWarrior2011US4
Feb 12FeatureKevin Smith: Burn in Hell2012US3
Feb 12ShortPentecost2011Ireland4
Feb 12ShortTime Freak2011US4
Feb 12ShortDimanche/Sunday2011Canada4
Feb 12ShortLa Luna2011US4
Feb 12ShortA Morning Stroll2011Britain4
Feb 12ShortTuba Atlantic2011Norway3
Feb 12ShortNullarbor2011Australia3
Feb 12ShortSkylight2011Canada3
Feb 12ShortHybrid Union2011US3
Feb 12ShortRaju2011Germany2
Feb 12ShortThe Shore2011Ireland2
Feb 12ShortThe Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore2011US2
Feb 12ShortAmazonia2011US2
Feb 12ShortWild Life2011Canada1
Feb 13FeatureA Separation2011Iran4
Feb 14FeatureRio2011US3
Feb 14FeatureExtremely Loud & Incredibly Close2011US2
Feb 15FeatureTransformers: Dark of the Moon2011US1
Feb 15ShortSaving Face2011US5
Feb 15ShortIncident in New Baghdad2011US4
Feb 15ShortThe Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom2011US4
Feb 15ShortThe Barber of Birmingham2011US3
Feb 19FeatureThe Big Fix2011US4
Feb 19FeatureThe Heir Apparent: Largo Winch2011France4
Feb 19ShortTherapy2011US3
Feb 19ShortRuby and the Wolf2011US2
Feb 19FeatureCracks2011Britain2
Feb 23FeatureReal Steel2011US3
Feb 24FeatureBullhead2011Belgium2
Mar 1FeatureCasino Jack2010US2
Mar 1FeatureHobo with a Shotgun2011US2
Mar 1FeatureAttack the Block2011Britain4
Mar 2FeatureLouis C. K.: Hilarious2010US4
Mar 2FeatureThe Long Hot Summer1958US2
Mar 4FeatureHanna2011US4
Mar 4FeatureLouis C. K.: Live at the Beacon Theater2011US4
Mar 4FeatureKill List2012Britain2
Mar 5FeatureExporting Raymond2012US3
Mar 5FeatureThe Temptress1926US2
Mar 6FeatureShadows and Fog1991US3
Mar 6FeatureCedar Rapids2011US3
Mar 6FeatureRubberneck2012US4
Mar 8FeatureFreakonomics2010US4
Mar 9FeatureThe Curious Case of Curt Flood2011US4
Mar 9FeatureShaft1971US2
Mar 10TVGame Change2012US3
Mar 11FeatureIn Darkness2011Poland4
Mar 12FeatureFat Man and Little Boy1989US3
Mar 12FeatureWin Win2011US4
Mar 12FeatureX-Men: First Class2011US4
Mar 13FeatureFive Fingers2006US3
Mar 13FeatureThe Loving Story2011US3
Mar 14FeatureThe Speed of Thought2011US1
Mar 15FeatureThor2011US3
Mar 18FeatureGreen Lantern2011US2
Mar 18Feature21 Jump Street2012US3
Mar 18FeatureBeing Flynn2012US3
Mar 19FeatureBad Teacher2011US3
Mar 23FeatureJohn Carter2012US3
Mar 25FeatureThe Hunger Games2012US4
Mar 31FeatureMoonrise Kingdom2012US2
Apr 1FeatureThe Raid: Redemption2012Indonesia2
Apr 6FeatureThe Hunter2012Australia3
Apr 6FeatureGoon2012US2
Apr 7FeatureMonogamy2011US2
Apr 8FeatureDaybreakers2010Australia3
Apr 8FeatureIndiscreet1958US3
Apr 8FeatureThe Adjustment Bureau2011US3
Apr 8FeatureJiro Dreams of Sushi2012US3
Apr 10FeatureFriends With Benefits2011US3
Apr 11ShortGod is the Bigger Elvis2011US3
Apr 11ShortCaine’s Arcade2012US4
Apr 15FeatureThe Cabin in the Woods2012US5
Apr 19FeatureThe Thin Blue Line1988US4
Apr 19FeatureIndie Games2012US4
Apr 22FeatureConan the Barbarian2011US2
Apr 22FeatureMonsieur Lazhar2011Canada3
Apr 23FeatureRevenge of the Electric Car2011US3
Apr 23ShortYou’re Darn Tootin’1928US3
Apr 23ShortTwo Tars1928US3
Apr 23ShortPutting Pants on Philip1927US3
Apr 23ShortDo Detectives Think?1927US3
Apr 25FeatureSleepwalk With Me2012US4
Apr 26FeatureThe Imposter2012US4
Apr 26FeaturePolisse2012France3
Apr 27FeatureBurn2012US5
Apr 27FeatureHeadhunters2012Norway5
Apr 28ShortCatCam2012US5
Apr 28FeatureWe’re Not Broke2012US4
Apr 28ShortNeve & Sons2012US4
Apr 28FeatureKunckleball!2012US4
Apr 28FeatureWe Are Legion2012US4
Apr 28FeatureGod Bless America2012US4
Apr 28ShortThe Lookout2012US3
Apr 28ShortExtraordinary Harvest2012US2
Apr 29ShortAglow2012US5
Apr 29ShortMondays at Racine2012US5
Apr 29ShortThe Love Competition2012US4
Apr 29FeatureFrom Nothing, Something2012US
Apr 29FeatureDowneast2012US2
Apr 29FeatureTrishna2012Britain2
Apr 30FeatureBeware of Mr. Baker2012US5
Apr 30FeatureBeauty is Embarrassing2012US4
May 1FeaturePaul Williams Still Alive2012US4
May 1FeatureRubberneck2012US3
May 2FeatureThe Queen of Versailles2012US4
May 6FeatureThe Avengers2012US5
May 13FeatureAlien1979US5
May 13FeatureDark Shadows2012US1
May 15FeatureMeeting Evil2012US2
May 24FeatureEverything Must Go2011US4
May 24FeatureThe Men1950US3
May 24FeatureLarry Crowne2011US2
May 26FeatureRififi1955France4
May 27FeatureThe Avengers2012US5
May 28FeatureSuper 82011US1
May 28FeatureAlien 31992US3
May 28Feature30 Minutes or Less2011US2
Jun 2FeatureAlien Resurrection1997US2
Jun 3FeatureBest Exotic Marigold Hotel2012Britain4
Jun 5ShortLucky Day Forever2012Poland3
Jun 6FeatureBeasts of the Southern Wild2012US5
Jun 10FeaturePrometheus2012US3
Jun 12FeatureCenturion2010Britain3
Jun 16FeatureCaptain America2011US4
Jun 16FeatureThe Beaver2011US3
Jun 17FeatureFace/Off1997US1
Jun 22FeatureStreet Scene1921US3
Jun 24FeatureCure For Pain: The Mark Sandman Story2011US3
Jun 30ShortMultiple Sidosis1970US3
Jul 1FeatureYour Sister’s Sister2012US3
Jul 13FeatureHesher2010US3
Jul 13TVPage Eight2011Britain3
Jul 14FeatureWith Great Power: The Stan Lee Story2010US3
Jul 14FeatureDays of Heaven1978US4
Jul 14FeatureIn Time2011US2
Jul 14FeatureKissing Jessica Stein2001US3
Jul 15FeatureSafety Not Guaranteed2012US4
Jul 17TVRoadracers1994US3
Jul 17FeatureTake This Waltz2012US4
Jul 17FeatureMeek’s Cutoff2011US2
Jul 22FeatureNixon1995US4
Jul 22FeatureThe Dark Knight Rises2012US4
Jul 23FeatureBatman Begins2005US5
Jul 24FeatureThe Dark Knight2008US5
Jul 24FeatureThe Dark Knight Rises2012US5
Aug 2ShortSight2012Israel4
Aug 5FeatureEasy Money2012Sweden3
Aug 12FeatureThe Bourne Legacy2012US2
Aug 19FeatureKiller Joe2012US4
Sep 3FeatureBarefoot in the Park1967US4
Sep 3ShortThe Guilt2012Spain4
Sep 4FeatureFrom the Terrace1960US2
Sep 4FeatureIn a Better World2011Denmark5
Sep 6FeatureMartha Marcie May Marlene2011US3
Sep 9FeatureOslo, August 312012Norway
Sep 11ShortTime Piece1965US4
Sep 14FeatureOnce Upon a Time in the West1969Italy4
Sep 14FeatureMan on Fire2004US2
Sep 18FeatureThe Merry Widow1925US1
Sep 21ShortThe Daredevil1923US3
Sep 21FeatureThe Extra Girl1923US2
Sep 23FeatureThe Master2012US2
Sep 25FeatureTower Heist2011US2
Sep 26FeatureWild Target2010Britain3
Sep 27FeatureWinchester ’731950US4
Sep 27ShortPeace on Earth1939US4
Sep 27ShortGood Will to Men1955US4
Sep 30FeatureLooper2012US4
Oct 7FeatureTaken 22012US3
Oct 13ShortPartysaurus Rex2012US3
Oct 14FeatureArgo2012US4
Oct 20TVThe Girl2012US2
Oct 21FeatureSeven Psychopaths2012US4
Oct 24FeaturePerks of Being a Wallflower2012US4
Oct 30FeatureThe Last Hurrah1958US3
Nov 3FeatureContraband2012US3
Nov 5FeatureThe Sessions2012US4
Nov 10FeatureChronicle2012US3
Nov 10FeatureCloud Atlas2012US4
Nov 11FeatureRed State2011US2
Nov 11FeatureSkyfall2012UK3
Nov 21FeatureSilver Linings Playbook2012US3
Nov 23FeatureIdes of March2011US3
Nov 23FeatureDial M For Murder1954US5
Nov 23FeatureKiss The Girls1997US3
Nov 24FeatureRed Tails2012US3
Nov 25FeatureAliens of the Deep2005US3
Dec 2FeatureWe Bought a Zoo2011US3
Dec 2FeatureThe Greatest Movie Ever Sold2011US3
Dec 4FeatureThe Recruit2003US3
Dec 4Feature3602012Britain3
Dec 10FeatureThe Rainmaker1997US4
Dec 10FeatureHitchcock2012US3
Dec 11FeatureLincoln2012US4
Dec 14FeatureLife of Pi2012US3
Dec 16FeatureThe Hobbit 12012US3
Dec 18FeatureDeadfall2012US2
Dec 20ShortNotes on Liberty2009US2
Dec 20FeatureChasing Ice2012US3
Dec 23FeatureThe Big Year2011US3
Dec 23FeatureThe Distinguished Gentleman1992US4
Dec 24FeatureHope Springs2012US3
Dec 25FeatureThe Odd Life of TImothy Green2012US3
Dec 26FeatureThe Visitor2011US4
Dec 31FeatureLes Miserables1934France4


Ryan said...

So, when you watch a feature film in fast-forward and the total viewing time ends up being less than 40 minutes does it then count as a short?

Howard said...

I don't think I've done that, but no.

Karl said...

So what is with the two reruns you hated? Was their a decline in their rating, or were you just that bored?

Howard said...

One was Super 8. I saw it the first time at a drive in, in the rain, in not ideal circumstances. I didn't care for it but it had really strong reviews. When it came on cable I tried again. Still hated it.

The other was Face/Off. I saw it when it came out and liked it. The Brattle did a Nick Cage festival and I saw it with my film club. I don't know what I was thinking 15 years ago.