Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Why is Florida So Stupid?

It seems one state is really bad at counting votes. All the other states, even those ravaged by a hurricane, could count their results last night. Florida was even a laughing stock 12 years ago for the same problem and they still haven't fixed it.

And while this is just an issue with one dumb poll worker, it's pretty funny (except for the person voting), Woman Wearing MIT Shirt Banned From Voting In Boca Raton

"A woman attempting to vote in West Boca Raton this morning was initially prohibited from entering the polling place because she was wearing a t-shirt with the letters MIT. has heard from multiple sources that an election supervisor at the polling place ultimately realized that MIT stands for ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology’ — a school where students tend to know how to spell — and was not a campaign shirt for the Republican candidate, who spells his name MITT."

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