Monday, November 05, 2012

Sandy Prompts N.J. to Extend E-Mail Voting

Matt Blaze has been tweeting about this the past couple of days but Scientific American has an article, Election 2012: Sandy Prompts N.J. to Extend E-Mail Voting

"Storm-ravaged New Jersey could set off a tempest of its own on Election Day if the state lets constituents vote via e-mail and fax, cautioned a group of legal, technology and election experts during a press conference on Monday. These experts are challenging N.J. Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno’s executive order issued late last week that extends Internet-based voting privileges usually reserved for overseas military personnel to residents displaced by Superstorm Sandy.

The central point of contention is that whereas military absentee voters are required by law to mail a paper ballot in addition to voting by e-mail or fax, Guadagno’s directive (pdf) makes no mention of a backup paper trail. What’s more, N.J. hurricane victims who opt to vote via e-mail or fax would be required to sign waiver that removes their anonymity when casting their ballot electronically."

I didn't NJ (or any state) had any form of Email voting so this was interesting and there are lots of things to consider. In case you're interested, this is how astronauts vote.

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