Friday, October 19, 2012

Warren’s Role in Asbestos Case

Warren’s Role in Asbestos Case
. "Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown and challenger Elizabeth Warren are accusing each other of ‘not telling the truth.’ Brown says Warren worked to ‘restrict payments’ to asbestos victims, while Warren says she worked to ‘get more money’ for them. We find Warren is correct; Brown’s ad is a distortion.

It may seem counter-intuitive that Warren’s work on behalf of an insurance company that covered an asbestos manufacturer could be work on the same side as the victims of the case. But Warren was brought in as a bankruptcy expert on a case before the Supreme Court to secure a $500 million trust to pay asbestos victims. As part of a settlement that Warren worked to preserve, the insurance company sought immunity from lawsuits in exchange for releasing the $500 million trust. Attorneys for most of the asbestos victims supported Warren’s efforts."

To all the high and mighty Scott Brown supporters out there, he's lying to you.

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