Thursday, October 25, 2012

Family Tree Diagram of Greek Mythology

Severino Ribecca created the Family Tree Diagram of Greek Mythology "The ancient Greeks had a vast list of various deities, mythical beings and legendary characters in their culture. My task was to take their many mythical figures and show their relation to each other in one diagram. My response was a detailed family tree system, that shows the origin of all these characters exploding out of 'Chaos', their point of origin. I had to design the diagram in a way that it could handle the huge amount names and interactions, while still being visually clear and easy to follow."


Irina said...

Awesome! Finally I can find some kind of an order in this Greek chaos. I always loved Greek mythology, read many books about it and still am very hazy on who begot whom. Thanks a million! The only problem is with printing it, it gets truncated when printed at 100%. I don't mind gluing it together but I just cannot get the outermost individuals. They are not very important though, the most prominent gods, demigods, heroes, etc made it fine. You are my hero!

Howard said...

Well glad to help. It was much bigger than I had expected. I would have thought Zeus was would have been even more prominent.

NewERAtheFEATURE said...
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NewERAtheFEATURE said...

Wow. This is a pretty flushed out view of the family tree. I seen this on a lot of blogs lately. I thought that Zeus was the begining. lol.

I don't know if your interested, but I have a pretty cool song using greek mythology that you might like.

Check it out and let me know if your interested in writing something about. "Young Gods"