Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Quick Reaction to Second Presidential Debate

Obama showed up and mopped the floor with Romney. He almost always in his answer said what he did what he wants to do, and what Romney has done and said he'll do. He had lots of specifics and didn't stumble on words as he often does. This was what Bill Clinton did in his convention speech.

I think both were a little aggressive with the moderator and with going over but it worked ok, and more so for Obama. While it violated the rules they agreed to before, some of the best moments were when they directly addressed each other. The best moment was when the moderator fact checked Romney as being wrong that Obama didn't call the Libya attack terrorism the day after the attack.

Last time the only memorable line was about big bird, this time it was Romney referring to "binders full of women" when trying to hire more at Bain Capital. I've seen tweets already pointing out that while Romney was there there were not female partners, there are now after he left.

Chris Hayes has pointed out that while they talked about the debt being an issue for future generations, yet again, no one mentioned climate change.

Again I'm curious what the fact checkers will find (here's some early stuff). I though Obama was mostly (if not completely) accurate and Romney mostly not (even about his own freaking plans).

Update: So much for Romney asking for a binder full of women. Mind The Binder

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