Monday, April 16, 2012

Let the Nanotargeting Begin

The NY Times wrote Let the Nanotargeting Begin. "Perhaps most interesting, the findings emerging out of advances in microtechnology are a window into the striking differences in the tastes and interests of liberal and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. Among other things, Democrats and Republicans differ in the entertainment they prefer, the restaurants they go to, the drinks they chose and the Web sites they visit."

They have some charts that are interesting to glance at.


Karl said...

Looking at the top-ten show lists, with a few exceptions, republicans clearly have better taste in entertainment. I have to say I am a little shocked that “the Big Bang Theory” is a republican leaning show. The fact republican list also included a PBS show was a bit of a shock too, but I could totally see the libertarian wing watching New Yankee Workshop.

Howard said...

I'm not sure what it says that The Office is GOP leaning. It's odd to me that the top Dem shows are basically all news or talk shows. Dems do better on the cable channels chart. TCM skews GOP but I'm assuming that's because of the age of the party.

I'm also surprised Starbucks skews GOP. All those lattes.