Friday, October 20, 2006

Understanding the Weather is Difficult

This years ozone hole is the largest ever. It's larger than North America! And yet, Paul Lehmann of the Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre in Melbourne said "There is mounting evidence that the ozone is slowly recovering" and he wasn't joking.

He also said: "The (yearly) size of the hole is due to the effect of atmospheric influences like wind and temperature...There are less ozone-depleting chemicals but they are more effective (when it's cold)..This is the coldest year ever." I thought it was the warmest year ever, that whole global warming thing. So that's probably on a global average and this is probably just for Antarctica. Still a clarification would be nice.


Roman said...

Weather, tangerine... ozone layer is reocering! Sounds like you had a good rest :)

Howard said...

it would be rude to complain about it :) It was a lot of fun.