Monday, October 30, 2006

Cooking With Fish

I'm taking a cooking class at my local adult education program. It's called Cooking With Fish and we've had one class where we broiled salmon and bluefish and learned how to tell when fish is done. There were a bunch of others we learned too and so far the class is good (1 class so far out of 5). My instructor has a blog, Beyond Salmon which I looked through today and was impressed by. I also found out she went to Carnegie-Mellon too, I'll have to ask her about that tomorrow.


Roman said...

I am into cooking too. One of my favorite books (with excelent fish section) is "Bistro Cooking at Home" by Gordon Hamersley (of Hamersley's Bistro in South End). Check out Fiona's Hllibut recepie in that book, simple and delicious, as in bistro style.

Roman said...

Also... the time to enjoy may be limited: