Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Judge Orders RNC To Detail Voter Fraud Pacts With Trump Campaign

Politico reports Judge orders RNC to detail voter fraud pacts with Trump campaign.

A federal judge is ordering the Republican National Committee to detail any agreements it has with Donald Trump’s campaign to engage in ‘ballot security’ efforts in connection with next week’s election — something the national GOP has been banned from doing for decades without court approval.

The order also instructs the RNC to explain by 5 p.m. Tuesday what Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence were talking about in recent comments when they said that Trump’s campaign was working closely with the RNC to make sure there is no fraud at the polls.

Newark, N.J.-based U.S. District Court John Vazquez issued the order Monday after the Democratic National Committee went to court last week to allege that the RNC was violating consent decrees from the 1980s settling a case alleging that GOP pollwatchers sought to intimidate minority voters in a practice then known as ‘caging.’

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