Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A former Breitbart editor on what Trump's victory means for the alt-right

Sean Illing at Vox interviews A former Breitbart editor on what Trump’s victory means for the alt-right.

“They truly believe that multiethnic democracies cannot succeed.” — former Breitbart editor, Ben Shapiro

The alt-right are people like Richard Spencer who think that Western civilization and Western culture are inseparable from ethnicity. In other words, European ethnicity is the dominant force behind Western culture and Western civilization biologically. So it’s a racist and anti-Semitic movement. They truly believe that multiethnic democracies cannot succeed. This is essentially a white nationalist movement that claims to have intellectual backing for its cause.

They want to destroy the Republican Party from within and take it over. They want the constitutional right destroyed. They actually hate the constitutional right more than they hate the left. They don’t actually hate the left. They think the left is wrong about racism but they don’t object to big government that takes care of people; rather, they think you should have special privileges if you’re of European descent. They want what they call “Christendom” protected from foreign bodies.

In order for the alt-right to achieve its goals, it has to do a few things. The first thing they have to do is make connections with people in power — clearly they’ve done that. The next thing they have to do is obfuscate what the alt-right actually is, so a lot of people think they’re alt-right when they’re not. Rather than say the alt-right is an explicitly white nationalist movement, they say, well, if you’re pissed off at the establishment, you’re probably alt-right. If you’re somebody who lurks online, you’re probably alt-right. If you don’t like Paul Ryan, if you think he’s soft, you’re probably alt-right. And they trap a lot of people in this way. They also need what I call fellow travelers, people who are willing to nod and look the other way about the alt-right’s racism because they think the alt-right is essentially correct about Western civilization being under assault. Someone like Pat Buchanan, for example, falls under this category.

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