Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ezra Klein and Rachel Maddow Chat

Ezra Klein has a new podcast, The Ezra Klein Show. The first episode is him talking with Rachel Maddow on skinhead protests, AIDS activism, and why she skips the op-ed page. If you like either of these people you'll love this conversation. It's mostly her bio but there are constant asides into their interests (e.g., comics) and interesting observations (one of Obama's challenges in running in 2008 was building an organization to compete against Hillary's who had most of the traditional democratic experts, but Tom Daschle and some other Congressional leaders had recently lost office and their expert staff was available). It's 1h40m long.

I listen to podcasts using Overcast on my iPhone. One of the great features is a speed boost that doesn't distort the sound. It's a free app, the advanced features are free too (there used to be an in-app purchase to unlock them but the author removed them and went with a patronage model).

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