Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Donald Trump Isn’t Real

So I read a lot of articles via RSS (in Reeder 2 on OS X and iOS using Feedly as a backend). I subscribe to Instapaper Daily that pushes popular articles to their RSS feed. Today this one showed up. Donald Trump Isn’t Real. As it's presented, in Reeder 2 from the RSS feed using Readability for formatting I didn't see the date or byline. So I'm reading it and like a couple of early points:

Donald Trump was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2013. He’d been involved with professional wrestling for over a quarter century. At first his interest was on the business side, because so many of the events were held at his hotels. But then he began appearing in the ring as an actual character.

His greatest moment came in 2007 with the pay-per-view series called “Battle of the Billionaires,” when he verbally went up against the WWE’s chief executive, Vince McMahon. The feud started when Trump interrupted McMahon on Fan Appreciation Night and upstaged him by raining thousands of dollars in cash down on the crowd in the arena. It continued with a verbal barrage and proxy match, and ended with a triumphant Trump shaving McMahon’s head in the middle of the ring.

He goes on with the wrestling comparison which seemed somewhat apt. Then I got to:

But in Iowa on Monday night we saw the limit of Trump’s appeal. Like any other piece of showbiz theatrics, Trump was more spectacle than substance.

So I knew it was a couple of weeks old. Then:

What happened in Iowa was that some version of normalcy returned to the G.O.P. race. The precedents of history have not been rendered irrelevant.

And now I wanted to finish it to see how wrong it was.

But can [Rubio] rise to this moment? Can he see that the Trump phenomenon touched something, even if the blowhard candidate offered people nothing but bread and circuses? Can Rubio take his growing establishment base and reach out to the working-class voters with a message that offers concrete assistance for those who are being left behind?

Finishing it I had to check who wrote this and when. David Brooks on Feb 2. Definitely funny. I don't know why the Times can't find someone better.

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