Monday, March 02, 2015

The Supreme Court hears an Obamacare fairytale

On Wednesday the Supreme Court will hear King v. Burwell, the latest Obamacare case. Steven Brill writes The Supreme Court hears an Obamacare fairytale "Congress knew exactly what it wanted to do when it passed the Affordable Care Act in 2010, and contrary to the plaintiffs’ claim, that included wanting subsidies for buying health insurance on the Obamacare exchanges to be available to all citizens, even those residing in the 36 states that did not set up their own exchanges, instead relying on the exchange set up by the federal government.

I’m a reporter. I hate to take sides. And I certainly didn’t in what has been widely reviewed as my even-handed treatment of the merits and demerits of Obamacare in my recently published book about the broken American healthcare system and how Obamacare was conceived and implemented to fix it. But this is one of those issues where reporters err if they write an ‘on the one hand, on the other hand’ story that creates patently false equivalency."

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