Friday, March 20, 2015

The Daily Show: Mighty Morphin Position Changers

The opening segment last night was Jon Stewart at his best. "Fox News fails to provide coverage of the Department of Justice report that revealed widespread systemic racism in the Ferguson police department." He compares their coverage of Ferguson and Benghazi particularly after studies released reports on the issues. He ended with this:

Which brings us once again to our pain point of respect and appreciation, the beauty that is the ugliness of Fox News. They demand accountability for anger and divisiveness whilst holding themselves entirely unaccountable for their anger and divisiveness. For two years, they used Benghazi as shorthand, as a symbol for the whole concept of a corrupt, lying, tyrannical, possible murderous Obama White House. Kind of like other people used 'hands up, don't shoot' as a symbol for systemic racism, and there's only really one difference between the two phenomenon: systemic racism actually exists.

He then literally dropped the mic. Watch the whole thing:

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