Sunday, September 14, 2014

Has Expanded Replay Worked Well In Baseball?

FiveThirtyEight examines Has Expanded Replay Worked Well In Baseball?. "As of Sept. 7, there had been 1,130 challenges. Of these, 529 (or 47 percent) resulted in a call being overturned. Managers initiated 83 percent of the challenges, umpires 17 percent."


I'm most surprised that 19 Hit by pitch calls have been overturned. How does that work?


grahams said...

If a player swings at a ball he is hit by, it is a strike, not a HBP. Also if the ball hits the bat (including the knob) first before hitting the player, it is a foul, not a HBP.

grahams said...

Also there is the simple idea of the umpire calling it a HBP but the ball didn't actually hit the player...