Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ALEC sees more losses as Facebook and Yelp jump ship, too

ALEC is the conservative organization that drafts legislation for states to adopt like Stand Your Ground laws, weaken labor unions, protecting fossil fuel interests, etc. The Washington Post reports ALEC sees more losses as Facebook and Yelp jump ship, too. That's added to Google and Microsoft who left recently too. Google chairman Eric Schmidt even said "they're just literally lying" about climate change.

It's not really clear Why Did Google Support ALEC in the first place. These four companies were all members of the Communications and Technology Task Force. "Areas of focus for the Task Force include: 1) broadband deployment and adoption; 2) protecting consumer choice in privacy; 3) promoting new forms of e-commerce; and 4) growing the high-tech sector of the economy. Additionally, the Task Force has established five subcommittees to thoroughly investigate topics of interest to the states. These subcommittees are: Broadband; E-Commerce; Information Technology; Innovation; and Consumer Protection, Critical Infrastructure, and Security Technologies." I wonder what parts of the sample legislation they were working on?

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