Thursday, September 19, 2013

iOS 7

Last night I installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 5. It took about three hours as apparently everyone else was downloading it too. So far it's pretty nice. It will take me a bit to get used to the look but already Control Center is a big win. The camera is faster, background updating of apps will be nice, the calendar is much nicer and Siri seems improved. While I like that folders now have pages, my biggest complaint is that each page shows 3x3 icons instead of 4x3). I'm going to have to spend some time reorganizing my icons (but it's my fault, I have too many apps installed).

MacWorld has a good overall review, iOS 7 review: Radical redesign is more than skin-deep and The Verge has The best hidden features in iOS 7.

Update: 12 New and Hidden Settings in iOS 7.


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