Wednesday, September 12, 2012

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Is Killed

I woke up and watched the CBS morning show and heard of the killing of the US Ambassador in Libya. They said it was over a movie made that mocked Islam but weren't specific about it.

This Wall Street Journal article was informative, U.S. Ambassador to Libya Is Killed. The CBS report completely left out any mention of official Libyan response. From the WSJ:

"Libyan officials spent the night in a manhunt trying to find those responsible for the killings that occurred when an angry armed mob attacked the diplomatic complex in an apparent protest against an anti-Islamic video created and produced by an American-Israeli real-estate developer."

"Libyan officials, many of whom led the rebel government based in Benghazi and worked with Mr. Stevens during that time, also condemned the killing. The head of the new congress, Mohammed Magarief, apologized to the American public for the tragedy. The deputy prime minister, Mustafa Abushagour, called the killing 'an attack on America, Libya and the free world.' By midday Wednesday, no one had been arrested for the violence or the deaths, and officials in Tripoli were scrambling to plot a response to what they admitted was a monumental security breach.

Libya's new government has struggled to impose its authority on a myriad of armed gangs and former rebel brigades that remain armed and act outside of the law. New security officials have had mixed success in implementing a plan whereby former rebels would be disbanded from their old brigades and given jobs as part of the new national army, defense forces and border guards."

This is apparently the trailer for the movie. It's amateurish and at least for me unwatchable, and I can't conceive of getting angry enough to storm an embassy over it.

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