Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Frank Rich's Embed in Red

Frank Rich has an interesting article in New York Magazine, My Embed in Red. "I had tuned in as part of a thought experiment then entering its final lap: an attempt to put myself in the Republican brain by spending a solid week listening to, watching, reading, surfing, and otherwise gorging on conservative media. As would also be true of an overdose of liberal media, it was lulling me into a stupor, and I was desperate for a jolt."

"Either way, I finished the week with sympathy for true believers on the right who are far more divorced from their own political party and the nation’s culture than even those on the left who are perennially disillusioned by Obama, the Democratic hierarchy, and their own journalistic Establishment. That anger is certain to rage long past Election Day, and if I learned anything in my week strolling around the conservative mind, it was that anyone who sticks to an exclusive diet of lamestream media is missing the news."

The article is a little all over the place but I'm not too surprised by the point. The Republican party is getting fractured. The far right really isn't happy with the Republican establishment. The only thing they liked in the convention was Clint Eastwood. It doesn't surprise me because there Eric Cantor does represent a sizable constituency and his clashes with Boehner are representative. The far right isn't going to vote Democratic any time soon, but wouldn't it be nice to see the party seriously splinter?

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