Friday, November 18, 2011

Occupy Protesters Could Use Spy Drones

Spencer Ackerman says Occupy the Skies! Protesters Could Use Spy Drones. it's a cool idea, but I really wonder why journalists or TV news reporter don't use their own drones.

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Karl said...

Both the FAA and FCC heavily regulate their respective spaces needed for drones (as is pointed out in the final paragraph of the article). Clearly there are model aviation operators although I’m not sure to what extent these activities are restricted. Unlicensed spectrum is also available, but is restricted in bandwidth and range. There is also a pretty broad clause which prohibits devices from interfering with other devices. A better approach for static surveillance might be a simple camera attached to a tethered balloon – no RF, no whirring motors, no refueling. Either way, I agree it’s surprising this is not ubiquitous since it is not a particularly novel idea.