Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Pew Budget Challenge

The Pew Budget Challenge is very detailed and I skipped some things due to lack of time. Still I saved $2.585 billion over ten years. The details are below (flash required) though it mostly from reducing defense spending 1% annually, adding a public option and increasing the maximum income limit on social security taxes to $170K. Also there's some stuff about taxing foreign income for corporations, requiring drug manufacturers to lower costs for Medicare D as they do for Medicaid and raising the top two income tax brackets by 1%. There are a lot of little program options and the descriptions provided are quite good.

Update: Okay that sucks. I though this embedded flash thing would include my results, they don't. If you go through it, you probably want to save your results as a pdf (the option is there).

I was pointed at this by Ezra Klein's wonkbook today which talks about how the supercommittee seems to be failing and that "Republicans are talking about unwinding the trigger before the supercommittee has even finished its work". "The reality is, the supercommittee might not just end without reaching a deal. It might end by undoing a previous deal, and by making the two sides trust each other less i future deals. That's not just failure. That's sabotage."


Karl said...

Interesting. I came up with about 1T in spending cuts and 5T in revenues from a quick flip thorugh. I guess I am a democrat.

Howard said...

I kinda suspected :)

I wanted to add the carbon tax but didn't, that would have put me close to 4B.