Wednesday, July 01, 2009

We Had To Destroy Teh Villiage To Save It

I've now watched a total of 8 minutes of Glen Beck's show. I've had enough.

CIA's former bin Laden expert: "The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States.".


Anonymous said...

Please listen to the former CIA official who, in classic
Republican fashion, starts off by mentioning that the Democrats say part of the problem lies in in easy access to guns in the US enjoyed by the mexican drug gangs. Duh!

However, instead of looking at just that connection, he sees it as the Democrats first attempt to overturn the second amendment. And unemployment insurance will lead to communism, and bailing out the financial system and the auto industry will lead to a total socialist state, and cutting carbon emissions will lead to syphilis (I made that one up), water fluoridation will lead to mind control, Oh yeah, Obama pals around with terrorists - some are stopping by the White House today to shoot some hoops, if we have a public option for health insurance we will immediately have socialized medicine (of course, the fact that we are the only industrialized nation without socialized medicine doesn't seem to concern them), if you raise taxes on the wealthy no one will start any small businesses, elect a democrat and the terrorists will attack, allowing gay marriage will destroy traditional heterosexual marriage - I think this one needs to be renamed the Craig-Sanford-Ensign proclamation,

The more that the Obama adminstration and the Democrat controlled congress exhibit scary tendancies, like thoughtful approaches to our problems, then the Republicans can only respond as the party of no, and, of course, the party of fear.

Fear that your gun will be taken away, fear that your job will go to a minority, fear that your money will go to welfare recipients, fear that the terrorists will strike again, fear that Jews, Blacks and Homosexuals secretly control everything now and you no say anymore.

It really is sad, but still, under the right set of circumstances, they could be back in power. Fear sells, as PT Barnum once said and Karl Rove and George Bush practiced to can fool some of the people all of the time.

ps. I watched Beck for the first time before the election and he and his guests were talking about the history of presidential debates, and Beck opined that the republicans don't usually debate very well and someone mentioned Lincoln and Beck said that Lincoln couldn't debate either. I immediately switched the channel and just wonderd how clowns like him manage to pass as intelligent commentators.

Richard said...

I thought that interview was quite a jumble, ending in that "bomb" dropped at the end where Michael Scheuer wishes a lot of evil on us just so the policies he thinks should be enacted at the border occur. I like how Glenn Beck tries to pump up Scheuer to Whitehouse and presidential advisor level and even Scheuer tries to back him down from it. The interview had all of the regular radical right screeds of "they are trying to take our guns away", "Democrats are soft on border control", with a little "I even disagreed with George Bush" to "balance" things out.

I have many acquaintances that say, you should watch that Glenn Beck, he is great. I, along with you ,have watched all of it that I need to. It was kind of banal in its fear mongering and not very interesting. There are people who lap this stuff up, and I feel bad for them because they get this fear and pessimistic rot in their heads and it makes them unhappy people.