Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jon Stewart Pummels Bill Kristol

Jon Stewart had Bill Kristol on The Daily Show last night. It was another frankenedit since the interview ran long but the full interview is online now (and below). Stewart really is the only person on TV who can point out republican hypocrisy to their face. In this interview, he gets Kristol to admit that the federal government can run a better healthcare system than what the public has, and they do today for our veterans.

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I think Rachel Maddow could do this, though Republicans rarely go on MSNBC. The sunday morning talk show hosts (Stephanopolis and Gregory) don't seem to want to call them out on this and the Democrats on with them fail miserably at it.

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Anonymous said...

My vote goes to Katrina Vanden Heuvel (publisher, owner and editor of The Nation magazine) who regularly takes apart conservative/republican opponents and positions as a guest on the Morning Joe Show (MSNBC).