Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Raining Tadpoles In Japan

The Guardian reports In Japan, it's raining tadpoles "... and fish and frogs. Downpours that deposit dead creatures from Hiroshima to Iwate bewilder meteorologists"

"Meteorologists admit they are bewildered by a spate of incidents in which the creatures appear to have fallen from the sky. People around the country have reported witnessing the phenomenon since the first sightings of stranded tadpoles were made in Ishikawa prefecture last week."

"One popular theory is that the creatures were sucked up by waterspouts but meteorologists say no strong winds have been reported in the areas where tadpoles were found. One expert said gusts too weak to be picked up by observatories might have sucked up small quantities of water, along with a few unfortunate tadpoles. Ornithologists said it was too early too rule out their feathered friends."

Is this biblical? Or just an homage to Magnolia?


Megs said...

I think an homage to Murakami's 'Kafka on the Shore' - I can't quite remember the details surrounding the raining fish part of the novel though, and I've lent the book to a friend.

The Dad said...

Hmmm...if "blood" could be terrorism and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, then this would be the "frogs" plague. Next comes hail, I believe.

Howard said...

Hail? Well there's been crazy hail in New Jersey and China this week.

Howard said...

If plague is in this list..."Thirteen cases of bubonic plague have been recorded in eastern Libya, near the border with Egypt, Health Minister Mohamad Hijazi told AFP on Wednesday, stressing the situation was under control."

and there's of course the swine flu pandemic.