Monday, June 15, 2009

Graphic of TARP Transactions

"This page is your gateway to information on the TARP transactions. Subsidyscope has gathered data on each transaction under the TARP program. The following table shows which companies received funds, how much they received, and when they received it. Detailed data on individual transactions can be downloaded into a spreadsheet, and the visualizations provide a quick view of the transactions over time, by recipient and by date."

Picture 1 1.png

I found the graphic not all that useful. Instead I looked at the table beneath it. I was surprised to see that when I sorted by Disbursement Received some of them were negative. I was then annoyed to see that when I sorted by Disbursement Received they didn't handle negative numbers properly (they sorted by the absolute value).

But downloading the data as a CSV file and opening it in numbers taught me a few things. 21 recipients have repaid in full their combined $1.6 billion. Of course that's a tiny amount of the $435 billion spent. But I also hadn't realized that we (the federal government) have made $2.5 billion in 236 dividend payments received. That's money the "loans" have generated. I'm not sure what it means that 220 of those were made between Feb 12-18. 11 were made in March, 4 in December and 1 in January.


Richard said...

Ah, downloading as a CSV file and doing your own analysis. A man after my own inclination. I think there should be a rule that all charts must supply their datasets and detailed sources so that we all can do our own analysis. But then again you have seen that I have a specific neurotic impulse in that area.

Howard said...

And I appreciate that specific neurotic impulse. :)