Sunday, October 14, 2007


I was in NJ for the weekend and drove back on Sunday. What was normally a 4 hour drive took 7. That's what happens when they close an interstate, but i had a better day than some.

Earlier in the day we visited the Morris Museum which for a small town museum was quite fun. They have one of the world's largest music box (excuse me musical automaton) collection and are opening a new wing dedicated to it. They also had an exhibit of Steve McCurry photographs which was just amazing. You can see some of his works here. In fact the exhibit was mostly what's listed there under Fine Art Prints. My favorite was Uttar Pradesh, India 1999.

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Anonymous said...

I got stuck overnight when an interstate was closed down in Montana. There was no way around. But we ending up finding this excellent restaurant serving table-side ceasar salads. Not what you expect in the middle of nowhere.