Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Election Coverage

I've been very unhappy with the election coverage in the main stream media. I don't want to know much about fund raising or polls. A little is ok but I'd rather know how they stand on various issues. This article in today's Boston Globe is at least somewhat useful.

We used to be limited to what the media told us. Now every candidate has a web site with their platform on it. I'm going to see if I can do research myself and maybe blog some posts on various issues. If you have an issue you'd like to see covered let me know. As a start, here's a list of candidates with links to their sites.

Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
Christopher Dodd
John Edwards
Mike Gravel
Dennis Kucinich
Barack Obama
Bill Richardson

Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
Duncan Hunter
Alan Keyes
John McCain
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney
Tom Tancredo
Fred Thompson


Anonymous said...

The John McCain link is the same as the the Alan Keyes link. Too bad, because his policies aren't worth reading twice.

Greg Smith said...

I went to the Obama rally this week, and like a lot of what he says. Is experience an issue for me, not sure. He has got to make some headway to beat Hillary, and I hope he does. I have not decided yet, but I need to be convinced otherwise at the moment. The Alice Walker interview on his site is odd.

Howard said...

McCain link fixed.