Wednesday, August 05, 2015

The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules

In time for tomorrow's GOP debate, Matt Taibbi has posted The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules. I have some additions.

Take a drink if:

  1. Another candidate mentions Trump's hair.
  2. Trump calls another candidate (or their idea or statement) "dumb" or "stupid".
  3. Another candidate makes fun of Christie's weight.
  4. Trump mentions a (secret) plan to defeat ISIL but won't say what it is.
  5. Another candidate mentions one of Trump's bankruptcies.
  6. Any candidate mentions runaway inflation.
  7. Any candidate talks about anyone's birth certificate (including their own).
  8. Any candidate mentions activist judges.
  9. Any candidate thanks someone "for their service".
  10. Any candidate mentions one of the other GOP candidates not at this debate.
  11. Any candidate mentions a "mushroom cloud"
  12. Trump tells anyone "You're fired!"

Have some chocolate (or something sweet) if:

  1. Any candidate says they believe in evolution
  2. Any candidate says they believe in climate change
  3. Any candidate says the world is more than 6000 years old
  4. Any candidate supports abortion in any particular circumstance (e.g., to protect the life of the woman)
  5. Any candidate supports any additional form of gun control
  6. Any candidate is for any form of campaign finance reform
  7. Any candidate supports alternative fuels (with tax incentives or anything)
  8. Any candidate supports any financial regulation
  9. Any candidate supports anything that would raise some tax on the wealthy

Got any others?

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