Thursday, August 06, 2015

Police Kill Suspect in Theater Attack in Nashville

Yesterday was another movie theater attack, Police Kill Suspect in Theater Attack in Nashville.

A man armed with a hatchet and a pellet gun unleashed a volley of pepper spray at audience members in a movie theater on Wednesday before being fired at by a police officer and shot dead by a SWAT team as he tried to escape out a back door, the police said.

I've seen some snarky calls for "hatchet control". But those miss the point. "One of the [three] people hit with the pepper spray also had a cut that evidently was caused by a hatchet, Mr. Aaron said. No one was taken to a hospital." I'm pretty sure that if this guy had a gun, there would have been more injuries and probably deaths. Why do I think this? Because of the other recent attacks where the assailant had a gun and there were more injuries. It's not unrelated.

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