Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Apple Updates

I'm pretty underwhelmed by the mac updates announced today. The Retina iMac updates are ok, Apple gives Retina 5K iMacs a $200 price cut, intros low-end $1,999 model. The price cut is nice though the low end model isn't quite appealing enough for it's price.

The MacBook Pro updates are disappointing, Apple announces new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Force Touch and other upgrades. So the MBP gets ForceTouch but not the new keyboard and not the smaller case. Also, no new CPU and it costs $100 more. There is a faster bus which is nice and if you go for the high end, there's a better GPU, but meh. Apparently the space savings of the ForceTouch was put to adding slightly more battery which isn't a bad thing for a Pro model but makes me impatient for the inevitable chassis refresh.

I'm still quite happy with my iMac and don't particularly miss a retina display on it. I do occasionally miss the laptop. I still have my old one but it's only got 4GB RAM and is a bit slow, particularly as I rarely use it; so when I do it's got to update lots of things. If the new MacBook came in a 14" version I'd be very interested.

The Apple announcement I'm most interested in today is the new iPhone Lightning Dock. At $39 it seems a little pricy, but I expect I'll have one by the fall.

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