Thursday, October 30, 2014

Apple Replaces iPad Destroyed by Exploding NASA Rocket

So I'm reading this story in Cult of Mac, Apple replaces iPad destroyed by exploding NASA rocket.

I setup my iPad to take a time lapse on the ledge of the road, it was being held by the Smart Cover. Rocket launches everything looks good and then it blows up, about 15 seconds later the shockwaves comes and knocks my iPad down into the swamp. I can’t see it because the water is so murky and when I finally get it it doesn’t turn on so I lost the video also… Tried cleaning it and plugging it into iTunes nothing happens.

However, after being prompted by his fellow Redditors to try bringing the iPad into the Genius bar to tell them “it landed in a swap because a spaceship exploded,” iOSecure found himself rewarded for his good faith.

I just went to the Genius Bar and explained what happened. He called out the manager and the manager said “I think we’ve officially seen it all” she then offered a free replacement but on 16GB instead of 64 which I had (not complaining)

Great story, I totally believe this about Apple (or about a genius bar). As I read "it landed in a swap because a spaceship exploded" I thought of the Luke in the Empire Strikes Back who landed in a swamp because (basically) a spaceship exploded. He should name his iPad "R2". Then I thought, I wonder if I could rename Siri to "R2" so I could say "Hey R2...". Well my iPhone was plugged in, so I said "Hey Siri, can I call you R2?". Well both my iPhone and iPad were plugged in so I got two different answers:

iPhone Siri: But...everyone else calls me Siri

iPad Siri: No. But really, I can't imagine why you'd want to

First I think it's nice that I got two different answers. It gives Siri some personality. Second, this situation is an answer to iPad Siri's response. It would be nice to talk to only one Siri if more than one is listening.

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The Dad said...

That's awesome, and a really good point now that "Hey Siri" is a thing. We can have as many as 6 iOS8 devices plugged into chargers in the same room, making "Hey Siri" a bit of like yelling "Dinner time" at the crowd of kids in the Gosselin family.