Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Beth Israel to use Google Glass throughout emergency room

The Boston Globe writes Beth Israel to use Google Glass throughout emergency room

"A patient with bleeding in the brain told Horng he was allergic to certain blood pressure drugs — which the doctor needed to slow the hemorrhage — but didn’t know which ones. Horng had little time to leaf through the man’s medical files or search for records on a computer, but with Google Glass, he didn’t have to. Instead he quickly called up the patient’s information on the device’s tiny screen and saved his life with the correct medication."

"Beth Israel has begun posting QR codes on the doorways to patients’ rooms. Each code is unique to that patient, linked to his records that are stored on the hospital’s electronic database. Before entering the room, the Beth Israel doctor can scan the QR code with his Glass, and the patient’s information is promptly displayed on the screen."

Sounds pretty cool if it can in fact display enough info to be useful and can be used while having a natural conversation with the patient or while performing treatments. Both things the article says they've practiced for a few months and are perfecting.

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