Friday, August 02, 2013

What Neocon Revival?

What Neocon Revival? by Ed Kilgore "In this as in other respects, Brooks resembles other ‘conservative reformers’ (notably his New York Times colleague Ross Douthat) who regularly lay out policy prescriptions that would get them tarred and feathered in any gathering of rank-and-file Republicans, but then more or less loyally follow the party line anyway, creating the illusion of ideological diversity."

"The trouble is that the conservative movement and Republican Party that Brooks and Douthat like to talk about has never existed in living memory, and isn’t likely to exist in the foreseeable future. Perhaps they have other reasons for affiliating with a political movement that so routinely ignores their advice."

I feel this way whenever I see Brooks or Douthat or Reihen Salam on TV.

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