Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jahar's World

I really don't understand all the controversy. Janet Reitman's piece in Rolling Stone, Jahar's World is really good and worth reading.

My first thought was hasn't Tsarneaev on the cover of every magazine, but when I looked, apparently not. Yes on some newspapers but the only other magazine cover I could find was a caricature from The Week which doesn't strike me as better. I haven't read a music article in Rolling Stone in forever. Matt Taibbi's pieces are usually must-reads. If you don't know this about Rolling Stone, you're missing out. And there's no reason not to put a big story on the cover. The photo wasn't taken for the article and is in line with the way most Rolling Stone covers are, a face staring at the camera.

Tweets I've liked on the subject:

  • Adam Burke: New York Post Outraged as Rolling Stone Recklessly Splashes Picture of Correct Suspect on Front Page
  • Victor LaValle: That Rolling Stone cover doesn't romanticizes a terrorist. It romanticizes a time when people gave a damn about the cover of Rolling Stone.
  • Sean Graham: All of this Rolling Stone controversy is dumb. The only writing left to enjoy in RS is the politics and world affairs. Don’t take that away
  • Sean Graham: I didn’t realize the slogan was “Boston Strong except when it comes to magazine covers”….

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