Sunday, June 16, 2013

New England Mobile Book Fair’s Ultimate Suspense Story

The Boston Globe writes about New England Mobile Book Fair’s ultimate suspense story. If you've ever visited and we went to a giant book store, it was this one.

"When longtime customer Tom Lyons purchased the Newton Highlands literary landmark in November 2011, he faced three challenges: bringing order to a million-plus books bewilderingly arranged by publisher or, in the case of remainders, seemingly by whim; compiling a computer inventory of the collection; and defying Internet giants that have been stamping out independents and chains alike.

Lyons says he is well on his way to achieving his first two goals, and brimming with ideas for the third. But the suspense builds: Will the red ink recede in time for what one veteran employee calls Mobile Book Fair 2.0 to emerge in its full glory? And can Lyons and his staff generate the buzz needed to pull in enough new customers to keep the business afloat?"

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