Sunday, August 12, 2012

Republican Voter Suppression Efforts in Ohio

The Raw Story reports on a Rachel Maddow report, Republican voter suppression efforts are deadly serious "‘Each county’s election board in Ohio’s 88 counties is evenly split between Republicans and Democrats,’ Maddow explained. ‘In counties that tend to vote for the Republican candidate, like Warren and Butler counties, where John McCain won in ’08 by big margins — in those counties, Republicans and Democrats on the elections boards are voting together to allow early voting on nights and weekends. So that means more voting in Republican counties.

‘But in the counties that tend to go Democratic, like Cuyahoga and Franklin and Summit, where Barack Obama won by huge margins in 2008, the Republicans on those election boards are voting against early voting on nights and weekends. And guess who gets the break for the tie votes in those counties?’ None other than [Ohio's Republican Secretary of State] Jon Husted."

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