Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Simpsons May End Due to Salary Dispute

‘The Simpsons’: Money Dispute May Shut Down Fox TV’s Long-Running Hit "Difficult bargaining is nothing new for the show, which was created by James L. Brooks and Matt Groening. Fox studio execs have occasionally threatened to replace uncooperative cast members with sound-alike actors. But for the first time in nearly a quarter century of haggling, the executives have insisted that if the cast doesn’t accept a draconian 45 percent pay cut, The Simpsons will die an abrupt death as a first-run series."

So Fox wants to cut their pay. There are six of them and they currently make about $8 million a year for 22 half hour episodes. They've offered a 30% pay cut with an added percentage in syndication and merchandizing. Fox says no to anything added on the backend and wants a 45% salary cut.

I suspect it will be worked out some way. I think any of these salaries is already high. Even $4 million a year for less than 11 hours of TV time is ridiculous. I also think the people doing the voices of the characters deserve a little something based on the perennial merchandizing profits. It's not clear from the article but I think the whole cast makes the same amount and that's odd to me. Yeardley Smith does one voice, Lisa; Hank Azaria, Harry Shearer and Dan Castellaneta do over a dozen.

Update: Would ‘The Simpsons’ Be Worth More Dead Or Alive? explains the details of a syndication contract they have and suggests the possibility of a Simpsons cable channel.


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