Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Housing Price Index for the United States 2000-2010

Design&Geography wrote Housing Price Index for the United States 2000-2010 "I created the maps below (with Catherine Mulbrandon) to show the nominal Housing Price Index (HPI). They give a quick and easy glance at the bubble in housing prices in the United States by state."



Richard said...

Help me out a little with the point. The prices went up in a lot of places during the boom, and crashed in most of those same places after the boom. But in general from 2000-2010 the prices went up with inflation, expect for poor Michigan.

It definitely matters when you bought and sold through that bubble. It's a good cart but as the creator says, I think you might want to break it down to smaller than state levels. I am a Case-Shiller index fan myself.

Howard said...

Obviously specific cases matter to any individual, but I thought the comparison of changes based on these date ranges were interesting and I was surprised that during the decade only MI had an avg home price drop.