Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Chemical Wedding iPhone Apps

Previously I wrote about my friends at Chemical Wedding who created an iPhone App, Helios. They've been working hard and have released two others.

Artemis is another app for the professional filmmaker. It turns the camera into a director's viewfinder and has a database of different lenses. "Artemis uses the camera in the iPhone to simulate the lens views you can expect when you come to shoot. You can either compare all the lenses (as above) or hit zoom and the camera will zoom in to fill the viewfinder with the equivalent view of the lens you've chosen."

Their other app is more general purpose augmented reality app. "Cyclopedia uses the iPhone camera, compass and GPS together to created an augmented reality of the world by overlaying Wikipedia information over the viewfinder. By moving the iPhone around you will see articles pop up according to the direction you are pointing, You can then click on the title to get a quick overview article and, if you want to know more, you can then dive deeper into the full article." I requires an iPhone 3GS.


Roman said...

Cyclopedia seems like a cool app! I will check it out.

The Dad said...

hmm. do they need beta testers? :)

kennady said...

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