Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jon Stewart at His Best Again

The Huffington Post wrote Jon Stewart Takes On 30 Republicans Who Voted Against Franken Rape Amendment but just watch the video...

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone find it surprising that many in our government would stand up in support of Halliburton regarding something as trivial as a gang rape case.

Halliburton is a company whose subsidiary KBR has killed, by electrocution, at least twelve (12) of our soldiers while they were showering. Yes showering, on the base, what is supposed to be a relatively "safe place" during war.

Electrocution is still used by some US states as the primary tool to carry out exectutions on criminals sentenced to death.

Yet Halliburton just goes on raking in though nothing happened.

If an ordinary plumber had carelessly caused the electrocution of an 18 year old, would they still be in business, would they still have the support of the local government. Of course not, they would be in jail, awaiting trial for manslaughter, their business would be in ruins and their family would be pariahs.

For what it's worth, the army officially classified the deaths as "Negligent Homicide".

The Halliburton execs are probably only second to the Wall Street Banksters in their bonuses this year.

Oh, and I bet some of those bonuses (well at least the corporate profits that feed the bonuses to be sure) end up in the campaign coffers of many, if not all, in Congress

Simply follow the money.

So it goes.